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There are 8 Modules with 17 Videos in this training. All are VIPs

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Course Guide:

While watching the training videos, have a jotter with you.

 Support Group:
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Module 1

Video 1: Introduction To The Training

Video 2: Introduction To The Business

Module 2

How fast you're going to sell your domains, depends on how well you do your research. An important module for you.

Video 3A: How to do domain research (HR Method)

Note: Try and watch atleast the first 30mins of this. It’s a prerequisite for 3B

Among the tools used in researching domain names are: dnprobe.com, dotomator.com (these 2 are classified under the HR method), and expireddomains.net which is ED.
Click the link below to get a .com domain on Namecheap for just $5.98

Video 3B: Domain Research Using Dnprobe.com

  • Click here to download domain keywords list
  • Click here to download list of top cities that you can attach a kewyword to, to form a domain. The cities are graded tier by tier.
  • Click here to download pdf of all USA states and their cities with population
  • Click here to download list of previously sold domain names. You can pick any of the keywords in it and attach any city or state to it to come up with a domain. You can use dotomator for this.

Video 4: How to do domain research (HR&ED Method)

Video 5: Domain Research using Dotomator.com

Video 6: Marketplaces and Nameservers (1)

You might need an Headset or earpiece for this pending the time an update is made.

Video 7: Marketplaces and Nameservers (2)

A mistake on 0:26. I Said commercialrealestatephiladelphia instead of AnaheimTreeServices.com 

Module 4

Video 8: Google Analytics

We use google analytics to track how people are coming to check our domain names. It shows their locations, the domain they're checking and time.

At the End of the video, you'll see tracking ID and measurement ID on my own. You only need measurement ID. The Tracking ID is for old version of google analytics and it stops working June 2023.

Module 5

Video 9: Buyer Research and Manual Leads Generation (Mobile)

Video 10: Buyer Research and Manual Leads Generation (Desktop)

Module 6

Video 11: Introduction to Domain Based Email Marketing (1)

Video 12: Introduction to Domain Based Email Marketing (2)

Video 14: Payout Methods

Module 7

Video 15: Introduction to SquadHelp and BrandNewName

Video 16: How to do domain research (Brandables)

Module 8

Video 17: Introduction to Domain Parking


Secret to Consistent Sales:

The only secret to consistent sales is to be consistent. 

Don’t stop being a domain investor. 

It took me 3months before making my first sale. I believe that happened because I had no mentor. 

Not all the people that I have coached and mentored became a successul domain investor. But majority of them like 90% of them are currently generating monthly dollars income in this biz just because they didn’t quit.

If you have gone through these videos and you still don’t know where to start from, then you haven’t watched anything.

To learn through online platform, then you need to pay attention to every statement being uttered.

Register your first domain, re-watch the videos and apply every step taken as shown in the training videos. 

Don’t wait for the first domain to sell before buying another, because the more you buy the more you sell and the more consistent the sales will keep coming.

Always follow up on your endusers. Go through the pdf on follow ups and other pdfs shared. These will help propel you to quick success.

Also: Always check if your email is going to spam by sending to your friends or other emails you own. Don’t do plagiarism. Re-edit email templates before sending/using them. Enjoy!

References: (These will help your career as a domain investor)

Click here to download list of domains that have been sold and the price they sold for.

Click here to download the Daryl Lopez’s pdf that explained everything about domaining in an advanced way.

namepros.com (VVIP, Global Online Domainers Community)

aisabdomains.com (geo and brandable guides and SquadHelp)

outbounddomains.com (geo guides)

abdulbasit.com (for brandable guide)

Veteran Investors on Twitter:

tony domains (Does geo, emds and brandables)

Swetha (Does only .xyz domains)

Yogi Solanki (Does geos)